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VkusVill started in Moscow in 2009 as a food retail chain (convenience format; 150 sqm trade area; 2,000 SKUs) offering fresh and healthy food with short shelf life at affordable prices, all under its own brand ‘VkusVill’.

In 2019, the Company reached 1,200 stores in Moscow and other cities of Russia (27 in total), reported $1.3 bn of revenue, and had over 10,000 employees. Explosive growth was always financed with operating cash flow only. VkusVill has always been profitable and cash-positive. No external equity investments and no loans ever since inception.

VkusVill Snapshot
*non audit figures

VkusVill leverages its strong brand equity (healthy products at affordable prices) and its unique IT algorithms which allow for efficient supply chain of products with short shelf life (up to 7 days). It also has super-high customer engagement, achieved via various feedback-collecting channels (mobile apps, social networks, website). ROI when opening a store is over 100%. It all helps the Company to report historical sales CAGR of well over 50% and open stores quickly.

Today, the Company is turning into an omnichannel brand-platform. New sales channels are quickly added internally, as well as through partnerships and joint ventures with independent entrepreneurs.

In addition to 1,200 own convenience stores:

– VkusVill sells its products through 400 outlets of third-party offline retailers in Russia. It is a unique case when a retailer sells its products on competitor’s shelves

– VkusVill products are home-delivered by all major Russian e-commerce retailers, and all major home delivery services

– 200 VkusVill micromarkets (shops inside offices) are opened in Moscow. It is a unique format of a self-service ‘to-go’ fresh food shop. Also, 75 VkusVill vending machines are installed and sell fresh food

– own home-delivery started recently, delivery time of 15 minutes (dark store model)

– ‘click & collect’ option added

– ‘VkusVill Ice’ stores are opened in pilot mode. It is a new format offering high-quality, frozen, ready-to-eat meals

– multiple QSR formats under the VkusVill brand were opened recently

– …and even more new formats selling VkusVill brand coming soon

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VkusVill made a silent revolution on the Russian food market and since 2009 to 2019 became the fastest growing company in food retail business. How? We move and make decisions as fast as possible.
  • We trust to our customers and team members.
  • Build a unique assortment system and logistics.
  • Became experts in dealing with fresh and ultra-fresh products sales and logistics.
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VkusVill, which buys food from producers directly and spends no money on advertising, opens an average of two stores daily and has found a niche in Russia, modeling itself on best practice at U.S. chain Trader Joe’s, Germany’s Aldi as well as British supermarket groups Tesco and Waitrose
Russia’s fastest-growing grocery chain